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Greenpips is WTI crude oil trading company in the commodity market. We have 13-15 years experience in crude oil trading and its activities and other foreign exchange markets like GBP pairs, EUR pairs etc. Unlike other HYIPs that engaged in Ponzi scheme. We are not schemer neither do we run Ponzi scheme. Your deposits are used to generate more funds that we shared. You can view our daily trading report by copying the link below to a web browser. It is updated daily at the end of each day's trading. You can also read more about us in our blog section above.

How To Get Profit.

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Click on register or signup button above & then fill the signup form; & then click on “Submit now” button. Login to your account to enable you access your dashboard.

Make a Deposit to Account

Click on “Deposit” & then click on “Deposit now”, & then select from Deposit method- Perfect Money. Enter the amount to deposit & then click on “confirm”, & ...

Choose Investment Plan

Click on “Investment” & then “Investment plans” & then click on “Invest now” & then select “deposit wallet” & then enter the amount to invest & then click “Yes”…

Start Earning

Your interest will be released at the end of each period (Weekly & Monthly) for a number of times as defined in the plans. The daily interest released can be withdrawn or re-invested...

Best Investment Plans

We promise what we can afford to pay our investors to avoid trading in pressure in order to meet up payment, which can as well lead to equity getting blown

WTI-4-HYIP-Monitors- 0.65% daily
0.65 %
Daily / 365 Times
  • Capital Will Return Back
  • 24/7Support
Min. $10 Max: $10000
Invest Now
WTI Crude (E): 23% monthly for 24 months
23 %
Monthly / 24 Times
  • Capital Will Return Back
  • 24/7Support
Min. $1000 Max: $10000
Invest Now
WTI Crude (F): 20% monthly for 24 months
20 %
Monthly / 24 Times
  • Capital Will Return Back
  • 24/7Support
Min. $50 Max: $8500
Invest Now
WTI Crude (G): 25% monthly for 24 months
25 %
Monthly / 24 Times
  • Capital Will Return Back
  • 24/7Support
Min. $25000 Max: $100000
Invest Now

Calculator Your Profit

Calculate your profit based on selected plan

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Reasons To Choose Us

Many HYIPs are in existence but none of them have proof of what they are doing with investor’s deposit. They are not traders neither are they using the funds to engaged in physical businesses like hotel, restaurant, transportation etc. They only pay or select those to pay to attract more investors and thereafter disappeared with all the deposits. Be wise to join us even if what we offered is small. The below are some reasons why should join us.

24/7 Support System/Fast Respond Ticket System

We are available all the time during the day to chat with our investors (from 9.00AM – 10.00PM GMT + 1) We also reply in no time to messages sent via ticket system from investor’s dashboard

We are Reliable

From all we have said in our website & the daily trading report shown, you don’t need to be pressured before believing or investing with us. We are here for all of you so encourage more other people to join us & cooperate with us so we can grow in no time.


You can see from our trading history that we are making profit each day. If we don’t make profit for a day, the previous day’s profit is shared to fulfill that day and we have not lost in rows & even if it occurs, we will recover the losses in no time.


We are certified crude oil trading company. Our daily trading report will testify for us.


Our website is protected by Sectigo Limited (COMODO CA). As we grow, other securities will be added.

WTI Crude Oil

Crude oil is a major commodity that no country can do without. Crude oil trading is a very lucratic business.

Our Latest Transactions

Below are the recent transactions history

Name Date Amount Currency Deposit
Harry Oliver
Jan 06, 2021 $ 100 NGN Naira 3 months ago
Goodness Michael
Oct 20, 2020 $ 100.3 Perfect Money 5 months ago
Ikechukwu Francis Oweka
Aug 06, 2020 $ 95.6 Perfect Money 8 months ago
Sheeff Adam
Jul 21, 2020 $ 40 Perfect Money 8 months ago
showmore showmore
Jul 21, 2020 $ 46 Perfect Money 8 months ago
Name Date Amount Currency Withdraw
Ikechukwu Francis Oweka
Mar 03, 2021 $ 31 NGN Naira 1 month ago
Goodness Michael
Mar 01, 2021 $ 35 NGN Naira 1 month ago
Ikechukwu Francis Oweka
Jan 30, 2021 $ 23 NGN Naira 2 months ago
Goodness Michael
Jan 25, 2021 $ 25 NGN Naira 2 months ago
Hyipmoney Hyipmoney
Jan 11, 2021 $ 50 Perfect Money (PM) 3 months ago

Our Top Investors

The following listed Users are the top investors of the company. Thanks for your trust in us and patronage.

Total Invest : $1000.00
Total Invest : $900.00
Total Invest : $700.00
Total Invest : $500.00
Total Invest : $467.25
Total Invest : $400.00

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following questions are asked often by most investors.

We would have said no minimum withdrawal but our withdrawal system is a manual system which will involved physical exercise to complete but we will update to an automatic system as we grow. All withdrawal request will be processed on weekend days. This will be the major job for weekends. We dont want to employ external hand to do this for security reasons. Withdrawals will be processed manually and one at a time from the queue. We don't want a situation were several withdrawal request of 0.5$ will piled up in queue more than larger withdrawal amounts since larger withdrawal amount can result the investor being panic if not paid on time due to the position in the queue. Again some lower withdrawal amount can result you getting nothing in your wallet when processed since it will be regarded as receiving fees for the transaction, e.g Luno wallets ( For certain reasons, our minimum withdrawal will be 3$. There is no maximum withdrawal amount. Do not panic for that. Is a logic of saving processing time and stress.

This is a business you and I will benefit from. The business is paying us salaries monthly and as well paying our investors daily, weekly and monthly profits. We know the stress involved setting up such business and then growing it to this extent. We want to stay in business till infinity. All we want from our investors are cooperation with us and support to gain more ground in the business.

Our office is opened for business 24/7 to investors online but we don't allow visitors for security reasons. We are working anonymously. Refer to our business address note.

There is no restriction to any country. Our program is opened to all countries. We are not scammers like other programs that have hidden agenda but we advised you read our terms of service and rules before registering an account with us. 

Please contact our online support team for further question or problem resolving by sending us message from your dashboard as ticket or by sending message to the email address in our website. We will get back to you with your problem solved or question answered.

Payment Methods We Accept

We accept the following payment system and more will be added in the future


Latest News & Investment Tips

The following are news regarding the company’s activities and others

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Affiliate Program

We have one referral level and we pay 1% of every deposit made by those you referred

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